Class Library Visits

  • As the teacher manual states, an instructor may reserve the library by notifying the Library Media Specialist in person, by phone, or by email (aroam@laqueyhornets.us).  The LMS will place the reservation on her planner. Usage is first come-first served. Teachers need to remain in the library with the students for the reserved period of time.  You may give the LMS a list of your topics. If possible, material will be located and prepared in advance. Please note that the teachers who have the period reserved will have first priority. Students from other classes may be sent back if space is unavailable. Please only schedule a time if you are truly planning to use the library. Some hours will be in higher demand than others.


 Student Library Visits

  • No more than two students from any class may come to the library at one time. Students must have a signed pass indicating the reason for their visit. The pass must also indicate the time that the student is to return to class. Students will be sent back if they do not have a pass.

"A teacher effects eternity; he can never tell where his influence ends." 

                                                                              --Henry Adams

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